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All Buff have a microscopic
Polygiene coating.
Polygiene ™ is a special
coating of Silver ions which
kills bacteria and keeps
your garment fresh and
odour free longer.

UV Insect Shield Buff

Forget pestering or bites from insects this year with the Insect Shield Buff®. Existing High UV (93% protection from UV rays) but this range is also impregnated with a special long lasting, effective, odourless form of insect repellent.

Effective for 50+ washes against mosquitoes, ticks,  flies, fleas & midges this technology is a man-made version of the active ingredient found in some chrysanthemums. Only the bugs will know its there - not you


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HILL MILITARY UV Insect Shield Buff

HILL MILITARY UV Insect Shield Buff£21.00   £19.99

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