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20 Bandana Uses

20 uses for a Bandana
Read our Twenty Uses for a Bandana. Know any more?

Buff worn on 4k mile trek


 Colin Snook wears his
Bandanashop Buff®
throughout his
year-long trek.

Batik Bandanas

Model wears
Navy Batik Bandana

Twenty Uses for a Bandana

Our list includes some emergency camping and survival uses as well as everyday uses.
1 Neckerchief - when wet has an evaporating effect in hot weather
2 Sun protection around head and neck.
3 Tourniquet (use with a stick)
4 Washcloth/Towel
5 Sweatband
6 Slingshot
7 Clean Glasses and other lens
8 First Aid Sling
9 Eye patch
10 Camping dish-rag
11 Napkin
12 Waist-pack/pouch
13 Collecting edible food when foraging.
14 Pre-water filter
15 Emergency field dressing
16 Emergency towel/wipe
17 Dust mask
18 Baby diaper
19 Makeshift glove
20 Hankerchief
21 Coronavirus face-mask

 If you can think of any more please contact us. The best idea will win a prize.

Mayor of New York Bill de Blasio wearing a
Navy Paisley bandana.