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20 Bandana Uses

20 uses for a Bandana
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Buff worn on 4k mile trek


 Colin Snook wears his
Bandanashop Buff®
throughout his
year-long trek.

Batik Bandanas

Model wears
Navy Batik Bandana

Steve Rouse

 Steve Rouse wearing his Buff outside Westminster Abbey  Steve Rouse wearing his UK Flag 2010 Buff ® on assignment at the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Katherine Middleton.

Our Buffs & Bandanas are seen in all the best places! Here are some shots of one of our favourite customers, Steve Rouse, freelance cameraman, sporting a UK Flag 2010 version at the Royal Wedding.
Steve was snapped outside Westminster Abbey as well as sitting in a  chair fit for a King or Queen! Speaking of his experience of William & Kate’s special day, Steve said,

It was a very long day, but good humour all around and no crowd problems, everyone just had a great time, especially the people who had queued up for days! Many people commented on my Union Jack Buff from police to tourists & quite a few insisted on having pictures taken with me because of it! .”

Steve wears Bandanas & Buffs all over the place, whether he’s filming touring cars; Poker tournaments;or the Baftas!

Many thanks to Steve for sharing his pictures &
memories of 29th April. We are always pleased to receive customer stories & pictures via our contact page.
 Steve Rouse wearing his Buff Steve Rouse relaxes in Westminster Abbey (When Security are not looking).   UK Flag Buff®