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"This neat piece of software automatically updates Mailchimp with our new customers' details, as well as unsubscribing users automatically from Bluepark where necessary. This is saving us hours of spreadsheet work and brings a level of accuracy and automation that was previously unattainable.
Great work Rob! Thank you." 

Paul Simmonds
Managing Director
Health and Care Ltd


100% compatible with the
Bluepark API

Barcode Enterprise Park - Licence version

Barcode Enterprise Park - Licence version
Our Price:  £160.00

Model:  8408-64B-LICENCE
Brand:  Bandanashop Software

Bandanashop Software

Licence Version - A Licence will be issued for your domain post-purchase.
Use the simplified  '' format. The licence will be
sent to the email specified during checkout, (typically a few hours but 
possibly longer depending on purchase time). You can install and use the 
​software for a short time before this is provided.  

There is no support agreement with this software, although bug-fixes and
additional features are likely to be implemented in new versions.
Bug-fixes will be provided free.

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Bluepark Barcode Update will simply get your physical stock online faster (approximately 9 times faster), freeing you up to do less mundane things.   Both Amazon and Ebay now mandate the use of barcodes as a unique key to identify products and this standardisation is likely to increase. If you do not use Barcodes within your Bluepark site now is the time to consider it. This exact version of the software is in daily use in our Bluepark shops, like all the software we create. We have reduced a complete stocktake down to minutes using a wireless barcode reader in two storage locations and all our Goods In get updated using this software.

There are two main ways to use it:

    The first is to barcode your products as they arrive into the software, within seconds the new stock positions are updated on Bluepark.
    The software will identify  products that have no barcode allowing you to put these to one side and update the barcode for faster input next    
     time around. You can create custom quantities e.g. Packets, Boxes, Dozens etc to match you business needs.  The software has been designed
     to cope with the real-world;  any mix of barcodes, SKUs and MPNs to identify products can now be barcoded quickly.

    The second method is to use Barcode Update as a means of stocktaking. Even if you only have part or none of your stock identified with a
    barcode the software accepts 'Code 39' barcodes which can be a representation of your internal SKU. (This is because there is no check-digit in
   the Code 39 barcode format). So with a barcode either on the stock or at the bin level you can now do a stocktake far quicker and
   more accurately with our software application. Once your have scanned in your  complete stock position and pressed update, the software    
   aggregates the counted stock position and replaces the stock position online with this total.

 For example:

   1)  If you scan in barcode  8428927106124 twice i.e. two physical products then quantity 2 will be updated to Bluepark.
   2)  Scan in barcode 
8428927106124 Once with quantity 12 and once with quantity 1 associated with it then quantity 13 will be updated to 

You can scan the following barcode formats into Barcode Update:

    GTIN or its older equivalent EAN-13 barcodes, used in the vast majority of Euro-centric retail products.
    UPC-A American barcodes e.g. ISBN Books.
    Italian Pharmacy Codes - not mainstream but no problem for this application.
    Code 39 Barcodes to represent either a barcode, Bluepark SKU or a Bluepark  MPN. A Code 39 barcode can represent any of these formats.
    Small product barcodes EAN-8 and its US equivalent UPC-E

Known problems installing on Win10+ - do not install onto a Windows 10 platform.

1) For stocktaking mode a label printer capable of printing labels in a barcode format or your choice. e.g. Dymo Label printer - about £83.00
2)  A simple Barcode Scanner and USB cable - approx cost £27

Depending on the physical structure of your shop and the physical size of the products that you sell a bluetooth wireless Scanner might be more preferable, these are about £250+ . You can start cheaply with a simple barcode scanner which can also be used for updating tracking numbers on shipments. One compromise solution is just to get a 5m USB extension cord to the simple Barcode Reader which will give you about a 8m to 10m reach from the PC to your stock if you want to do it in-situ or  you could simply bring the stock to the PC if this is more practical. We have done both, if you are physically distant from the PC the application plays a sound if the barcode is not recognised at which point you can put the stock aside to add a barcode later.

For stocktaking mode you will need to print a label either stuck to each item or at the bin level. The practicality of where you affix the barcode these depends on the products that you sell, the quantities and the units of measure and how you store them.

If your products do not have barcodes then create a Code 39 format barcode representing either your internal Bluepark SKU or MPN as you see fit.  In these cases the most succinct , shortest and unique format is preferrable.  This will probably be the SKU as every Bluepark product needs a SKU but may not have a MPN (Manufacturers Part Number) associated with it.

You will need to record the barcode against the product record. There is no short-cut to this , however it only needs to be done once and you dont have to type it in, just get to the product record, get the cursor in the barcode field then scan and save.

 How to print a Barcode using Dymo Labelprinter

Sample calculations for your Return On Investment (ROI)

Assumptions - please adjust as appropriate.
The current UK Living Wage is £8.25 an hour at time of writing.
2.5 Hours of Goods-In tasks a week (30 mins a day) ,10 products a day updated on average.

Manual Task Time (s) Software Task Time (s)
1. Log into Bluepark 10 1. Open Software 5
2. Switch to Catalogue Product Manager 5 2. Barcode & repeat 1
3. Search / Scroll for Product 5 3. Click Update Button 1
4. Select Product Editor for Product 1    
5. Select Values Tab of Product Editor Page 1    
6. Enter figure in 'Quantity in Stock' field 5    
7. Click Save 1    
8. Click Return & repeat from step 3 1    
Total Seconds (per product steps 3-9) 14 Total Seconds (per product) 1
10 products = 96 Seconds (14x10 + 15) 155 10 products = 16 Seconds (10+6) 16
155s x 5 Days x 50 weeks =
 645 mins a year   

10.75 Hrs
16s x 5 Days x 50 weeks =
66 mins a year
1.1 Hr

There is a x 9.7 increase in data-entry speed using this software compared to existing methods.

I have made no allowance for data accuracy, distractions and boredom all of which will impact the manual process more than the software method and have associated financial costs over time. The more products that you check-in the bigger the savings.

In Stocktake mode there are also great time savings , in our own business what used to take perhaps 2 hours now takes perhaps half-an-hour. With the Bluetooth barcode reader we can just glide the reader over all the stock which has been stored barcode-facing outwards. This is done 10 metres away from the PC and far more accurate than recording stock manually. In densely-packed product areas it is possible to scan individuial products in any mix, any order - fast.

The alternatives...

It is of course possible to enter SKU and quantity in a CSV file and upload into Bluepark using Import Product Data
and clicking the 'Add stock values together' checkbox. However, to save any time this relies on creation of a digital file (by the data provider) and requires not only knowledge of the stock but also your exact SKU associated with it, (made even harder if you use SKU Variants). This file can be provided by a 3rd party but doesn't scale well. Different file formats from different suppliers arriving at different timings with differing data accuracy. Far better to do it at point-of-entry into your business where you can also check for missing quantities etc.

if you disagree or have found a faster way please let me know...


Sample Screenshots

Barcode entry screen. Two barcodes have been entered, both barcodes are associated with SKUs at Bluepark.
The next step is to click the Update Bluepark (Add) button.

A simple Log screen and subsequent data file provides an audit trail of everything that happens including 
stock updates.

The Code Values Screen allows you to create custom quantities that match your business.