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"This neat piece of software automatically updates Mailchimp with our new customers' details, as well as unsubscribing users automatically from Bluepark where necessary. This is saving us hours of spreadsheet work and brings a level of accuracy and automation that was previously unattainable.
Great work Rob! Thank you." 

Paul Simmonds
Managing Director
Health and Care Ltd


100% compatible with the
Bluepark API

Bluepark/MailChimp API - Retail Park

Bluepark/MailChimp API - Retail Park
Our Price:  £44.99

Model:  8390-64
Brand:  Bandanashop Software

Bandanashop Software

Populate, then synchronise your Bluepark customers with the popular MailChimp email application. Not only can you now email customers when their engagement level is highest but also keep their email Opt-in and Opt-out states between their Bluepark site and MailChimp completely synchronised. 

Linux /Macintosh
An executable file for these operating systems is imminent.

How to Order
Check out as normal then on receipt of your Bluepark confirmation 
email go to 'Your Account' to start the download.

Bluepark/MailChimp API acts as a bridge between your Bluepark site and your MailChimp Account. MailChimp is a tool for managing
any number of subscribers with professional email campaigns and is packed with features. MailChimp is is free for up to 2000
subscribers making it the go-to choice for SME's. The problem until now for Bluepark customers working with MailChimp has been

a) Updating the MailChimp account regularly, customers interest in marketing emails wanes the older their order date.  
b) Down-dating the Opt-Outs frequently. Opt-outs appear on either site and need to be synchronised.
c) Segmenting customers with Bluepark product, category and order information has hitherto been difficult to do.

Creating a MailChimp account is free (no credit or debit cards) and takes about 45 seconds. 

Delivered as an executable file with installer. Just press the .EXE to install. The software consists of a small GUI with five navigation
tabs. Setup your Bluepark API details in the first, your MailChimp account details in the second, turn the hourly event on in the Events tab
and sit back.If you are feeling nervous set 'TEST mode' on and no actual updates will happen until you are ready. Your Licence key is your Bluepark Invoice number.

Maintains 1 Bluepark domain with 1 MailChimp account with up to 100 lists.

Read the User Manual page.

Sample calculations for your Return On Investment (ROI)

Assumptions - please adjust as appropriate.

The current UK Living Wage is £8.25 an hour at time of writing.
An average of 300 orders a week on a Bluepark 'Business Park' tariff.
Average order value of £20

47% Opt-in Rate for each Order based on counts of our total users with  allow_contact field checked or unchecked.
22% Open rate for MailChimp retail emails (from MailChimp statistics)
3% Click and convert onto the site.

Using Bluepark MailChimp API

Using the above assumptions we can expect about 20 customers daily to be interested in marketing emails ( (300*0.47) / 7). Using MailChimp we create an automation sequence to send 3 subsequent emails during the key customer engagement time. We have ascertained this to be the three months post purchase date when engagement is high. So one email is sent every month for three months. This is a simple example. Using MailChimp cross-selling and up-selling possibilities are numerous post sale.

We assume £8.25 x 8 hours to create 'one-off' automated email campaign containing 3 sequential emails. In reality numerous email permutations are possible because we know a lot about the customer, So our cost for year 1 is £8.25 x 8 = £66 + a one-off software purchase price of £64.99 =  £130.99 Our costs for year 2 and subsequent years are negligible as all major investment is made in year one.

20 emails x 365 =7,300 emails sent yearly via MailChimp.
We assume 22% of these emails are opened (1,606) and 3% click of these and convert to a sale  so 48 additional customers come back as a direct result of the email.

If we take an  average order value of  £20 (this will vary wildly depending on the type of products that you sell) this would equate to 48 x £20 = £963 of additional sales a yearly. In this example every £1 you invest generates a passive £7.90 in revenue in year 1 alone.

The alternatives

We have tried to consider how one might create and maintain an email campaign post-purchase using Bluepark software. While it is possible to send email post-purchase using Bluepark this is generic and limited. For example there is no way to segment customers by what they purchased or even how much they purchased. To do this manually with MailChimp or a 3rd party email management product you would need to export all Bluepark opt-ins very often, check for opt-outs and apply back to Bluepark and also  check the original Bluepark opt-in list for changes to status and reapply back to MailChimp or a similar third-party. This little-and-often approach is necessary for a synchronised list but does not scale well. In reality, we do not believe it makes practical sense without a large degree of automation.


Requires Win x64 processors.

Alternative compilations are available on Linux or x32 bit computers e.g. Win XP , Win 98.
Please contact us for quote. 

An optional support agreement is available. The Support Contract is a 20% of the sales price, which follows industry standards. This covers any adaptations, bug-fixes to your  purchased version over the expected lifetime of the software approximately 10-15 years.
Without the support agreement only bug-fixes will be updated.

As technology advances, it becomes costly to maintain old software; well over half the cost of software development is just maintaining the software over its expected lifetime.

If you use the analogy of a car, it may only take a few weeks to build it, but in use over the following months and years there will inevitably be maintenance which will be required. Probably just routine maintenance to keep things running smoothly; but it could also be emergency maintenance when it does something unexpected and needs fixing such as a 3rd party connection changing their specification.

Sample Screenshots - Sensitive settings have been changed or obscured immediately prior to these screenshots being taken.