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"This neat piece of software automatically updates Mailchimp with our new customers' details, as well as unsubscribing users automatically from Bluepark where necessary. This is saving us hours of spreadsheet work and brings a level of accuracy and automation that was previously unattainable.
Great work Rob! Thank you." 

Paul Simmonds
Managing Director
Health and Care Ltd


100% compatible with the
Bluepark API


Attention Bluepark Users - We are now selling the same software that we use in-house on both our own Bluepark sites.

These software products are our own that have undergone extensive re-development to make them suitable for all Bluepark customers.
We sell three  versions of each of our software matched to the same Bluepark tier that you run your business on. Some have connections
between third-parties, others use the Bluepark API (Application Programming Interface) to improve the quality and speed of listings,
inventory statuses and numerous other areas.  Confused about APIs? Read more on why you need an API.

Our focus is to save you time and money with a compelling and documented ROI (Return on Investment).
Bluepark customers - please Bookmark this page - more software is coming soon.


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Bluepark/MailChimp API - Retail Park

Bluepark/MailChimp API - Retail Park£44.99

Bluepark/MailChimp API - Business Park

Bluepark/MailChimp API - Business Park£64.99

Bluepark/MailChimp API - Enterprise Park

Bluepark/MailChimp API - Enterprise Park£84.99

Barcode Retail Park - Licence Version

Barcode Retail Park - Licence Version£85.00

Barcode Business Park - Licence version

Barcode Business Park - Licence version£120.00

Barcode Enterprise Park - Licence version

Barcode Enterprise Park - Licence version£160.00

New  API - Coming Soon

New API - Coming SoonCALL

New  API - Coming Soon

New API - Coming SoonCALL

New  API - Coming Soon

New API - Coming SoonCALL

Page 1 of 1:    9 Items