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Specialist Buff
Specialist Buff uses Hoodie BuffAngler Buff - UB protection on the water - cool fish designs.Storm Buff - Keeps the wind away when riding a motorbikeHelmet Liner Buff - perfect for wearing under a helmet.Hoodie Buff - perfect for the snow.Hoodie BuffHelmet Liner BuffStorm BuffAngler Buff
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Reflective Buff

All the usual functionality of Original Buff but with the addition of two vertical retro-reflective Scotchlite stripes on the microfiber tubular providing added visibility protection when worn in poor light. Ideal for cyclists and runners or even just walking the dog on a winters evening. 

Reflective Buffs® are highly versatile and can be formed into a bandana, sun-guard, thermal scarf, beanie, foulard, balaclava, headband, scrunchie, wristband, helmet-liner, muffler or dust screen etc. 

Can be worn close to the skin without irritation due to their seamless & stretchy design. Weighing just 79g they are easy to carry and easily fit into a pocket.

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R-ALYSSA Reflective Buff

R-ALYSSA Reflective Buff£14.00   £13.65

R-BLACK Reflective Buff

R-BLACK Reflective Buff£14.00   £13.65


R-MULTI LOGO ORANGE FLUOR Reflective Buff£14.00   £13.65

R-PINK FLUOR Reflective Buff

R-PINK FLUOR Reflective Buff£14.00   £13.65

R-SAPHI Reflective Buff

R-SAPHI Reflective Buff£14.00   £13.65

R-XYSTER MULTI Reflective Buff

R-XYSTER MULTI Reflective Buff£14.00   £13.65

R-YELLOW FLUOR Reflective Buff

R-YELLOW FLUOR Reflective Buff£14.00   £13.65

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