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20 uses for a Bandana
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Buff worn on 4k mile trek


 Colin Snook wears his
Bandanashop Buff®
throughout his
year-long trek.

Batik Bandanas

Model wears
Navy Batik Bandana

Hairloss Feedback

Email 30/07/2012
"Thank you for your message and also for your quite brilliant service"
Rick Sawley, UK

Email 19/01/2012
"I am just writing to say thank you for the super fast delivery of 2 x Bandanas. My dad will love them. He starts is 5 day radiation on Friday and as been told he will loose his hair. "
Jane , UK

Email 19/01/2012
"just want to say,very excellent service, I ordered my bandanas by phone and I was very surprised to receive them the very next morning,well done,I will be going through chemo soon,so they will be very much needed....:-)"
Michelle, UK

Email 10/01/2012
"Thank you so much for your helpfullness and effciency"
Lyn Walsh, UK

Email 19/01/2011
"Thank you very much. It is a great comfort to know we can still be glamorous with no hair!"
Elaine, UK

Email 09/11/2010
"I received delivery though the post today.....thank you for the speedy delivery and i am very pleased with the headwraps i ordered. "
Margaret Turpin, UK

Email 01/07/2010
"I ordered 2 headwraps and one Buff yesterday, to my total surprise they arrived this morning. They are great products and I can really understand why so many people like their Buff. What outstanding service, you really do make things easier."
Jen Pettitt, UK

Email 01/03/2010
"Good grief.......... thats what I call service! The bandanas arrived this morning, less than 24 hours after I placed the order, and they are lovely. Many thanks "
Macmillan Cancer Information Centre

Email 23/01/2010
"Just what I wanted (will be ordering again shortly) and the delivery and product first class. As I have lost my hair through chemo and do not want to wear a wig - this is ideal when I don't wear knitted hats. "

Email 10/01/2010
"thank you for your help. You have some lovely headwraps, I am looking forward to ordering some as have not found it very easy to find any nice headwraps on the internet until obviously coming across your website. "
Jo, UK

Email 19/11/2009
"My 5-year old daughter suffers from a disease called alopecia and she has lost almost all of her beautiful hair. She is very sporty and active but does not want to show her head without a scarf or headwear. I am fascinated by Buff Headwears because they are pretty and my daughter is able to put them on by herself anytime. In addition, it took only under a week to receive the order from UK. I feel that these headwears offer some sort of cure for this incurable disease. "
Minna Hiekkataipale , Finland

Email 10/10/2009
"Ordered 3 Buffs at 16.15pm yesterday and they have just arrived - wow that's service!!!!Also my Mother .. is a very happy woman as she'd seen a couple of friends wearing Buffs hadn't any idea where to get them or what they were and she really liked the look of them as she's going to be losing her hair soon due to chemotherapy - and is neither a wig nor hat kinda girl!!!! Serendiptiously discovered what they were yesterday and had been looking on your site at headwraps already noticed the Buff symbol but hadn't realised that what we wanted were Buffs!!!! Mother is one very happy customer - I also ordered one for wearing as a scarf and keeping my ears warm in the winter. We will be recommending you to all the ladies that are doing chemo with Mum as Buffs are so practical and will be useful once everyone gets their hair back - unlike wigs, head wraps etc Thanks again for fabulous service and a quality product. "
Sarah M

Email 04/06/2009
"Just to say thank you for the speedy delivery. My hair fell out due to chemotherapy. The buff was so soft on my scalp due to the material and the fact that it had no seams meant it didnt rub or leave any imprints. The buff was cool to wear in the sun, yet kept me warm in the cold weather.... Great product.. Thank you "
Sue, UK

Letter 04/06/2009
"I wish to say a very big thank-you for the efficient speedy way your firm coped with my small order, both bandanas are pretty snug and comfortable to wear. I was pleased and reassured at the way they arrived and are so much more easy and comfortable to wear than the 'hair-piece' especially during this hot spell. Thank you to all concerned."

Email 29/05/2009
"I have just received my order which I placed yesterday. I am very pleased with the products and also the promptness of service. Many thanks "
Patricia Beckett

Email 15/07/2008
"...ordered a further seven bandanas and recieved them the next day, she's again over-the-moon!! She has taken your details into the hospital to pass to other patients in the same condition as herself. From a personal point of view i hope that her doing this will help your company to rise like a bird and fly. Your products are top quality"

Email 17/05/2008
"I would just like to thank you for a brilliant delivery service, they were delivered when you said they would be and i like to say that your bandanas are lovely, there is so much choice on your site and they are all excellent quality. I am on chemotherepy at the moment and i'm so glad that i have found your site, i was on chemothereapy last year also and i only wish i found it then. Thank you again for a brilliant web site and excellent choice and service, i will be telling other patients in my circumstances."

Email 21/04/2007
"Look foward to receiving the bandanas - you were recommended by a friend who like me, is undergoing chemotherapy - she was highly delighted, and I'm sure I will be too. Sincerely, "
(Name witheld)

Email 13/11/2006
"I am currently undergoing chemotherapy and think your bandanas are great. I am recommending your site to all other patients I am coming into contact with - have had so many comments from Nurses they think they are wonderful."
(Name withheld)

Letter 18/06/2005
"Your website was recommended to me by a fellow chemotherapy patient. it is good to find something colourful and attractive to wear!"

Email 08/05/2005
"I would just like to say thank you for your quick service. I lost my hair due to chemo and I can go out now feeling more relaxed "