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Frequently asked questions about Buff® headwear

What is Buff®?
Buff® is the leading brand and creator of the first seam-free multi-functional tubular wear. It is an extremely versatile garment that can be worn in a number of different ways while offering protection from the elements during a wide range of outdoor activities like hiking, running, skiing, cycling, motorcycling, etc. An excellent design, it is ideal as a casual wear accessory.

Who makes them and where?
Original Buff S.A. made the first Buff® head-wear in 1992, thus creating a new textile product category: the seam-free multi-functional headwear. Today, more than 3 million units are made every year in a new factory of 8.000 sq. meters, which the company owns near Barcelona. A dedicated team of 50+ people produce products from start to finish, including the design stage to manufacturing
and shipping.

Why use Buff®?
Buff® head-wear helps keep its wearer comfortable, guarding against the cold, sun, wind or dust in rapidly changing outdoor situations. Think of it as a versatile base layer for your head. Buff® provides the same performance benefits for your head that technical fabrics used in other outdoor clothing do for the rest of your body. And because it’s so small and light, it’s the ultimate throw-in-your-pocket garment for unexpected conditions. In addition, with many designs and colors, it's a great way to make a style statement.

How is the Buff® head-wear made?
Buff® is created through a proprietary knitting process using a special 100% polyester yarn called Microfiber, in which the thinness of each filament is less than 1 Dtex. The pores that are in the external surface of the textile become very small to prevent water and wind from entering in the textile, but at the same time, the pores in the inside surface are big enough to make the fabric highly breathable.

Original Buff®  has no seams‘?
None. Original Buff® head-wear is made with special knitting machines that weave in a tubular manner creating a unique product without no irritating seams or hems.

What degree of sun protection can I expect from Buff ®  head-wear.
According to the tests made, most of our designs offer a sun protection degree of UPF 5-10. Buff® used as a cap (double-layer fabric) offers UPF 50 sun protection. Our High UV version blocks more than 95% of UV rays.

Is there only one one size?
No. There are three sizes available. The Original Buff® size fits most adults. Junior Buff® size is intended for children and teenagers from 4 to 16 years old, and Baby Buff® size is the smallest and fits kids up to 3 years of age. By having three sizes we achieve a perfect fit for the different consumer sizes. Also designs are specific according to the targeted age.

How many ways can I wear it?
There are at least 12 different ways to wear Buff® head-wear. Some of the most popular uses include as a cap, scarf, balaclava,pirate style, Saharan, bandana, hairband, foulard, helmet liner, dust mask, etc.