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Some of the creative ways people have used Bandanas...

Link Bandana-Related Content
The numerous ways a bandana can be a practical tool in an emergency.  Survival Uses for a Bandana
Make a bandana quilt.  Bandana Quilt
Pin-wheel napkins made from bandanas.  Bandana Place mats
Make a bandana table-cloth.  Bandana Table Cloth
Bandana hairstyle fashion.  Bandana Hairstyles
Bandanas featured in Vogue magazine.  Bandana Styles
Make a bandana necklace.  Bandana Necklace
How to make a bandana cushion.  Bandana Cushion
Bandanas for summer fashion.  Bandana Fashion
Make a Pirate costume using a bandana  Pirate Costume
Get the rockabilly look with a bandana.  Bandana Rockabilly Style
Make a bandana skirt.  Bandana Skirt

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