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Specialist Buff
Specialist Buff uses Hoodie BuffAngler Buff - UB protection on the water - cool fish designs.Storm Buff - Keeps the wind away when riding a motorbikeHelmet Liner Buff - perfect for wearing under a helmet.Hoodie Buff - perfect for the snow.Hoodie BuffHelmet Liner BuffStorm BuffAngler Buff
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All Buff have a microscopic
Polygiene coating.
Polygiene ™ is a special
coating of Silver ions which
kills bacteria and keeps
your garment fresh and
odour free longer.
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Coolnet UV Buff

Original Buffs ® are highly versatile and can be formed into a bandana, sun-guard, thermal scarf, beanie, foulard, balaclava, headband, scrunchie, wristband, helmet-liner, muffler or dust screen etc. 

Because of their seamless and stretchy design Buffs can be worn close to the skin without irritation. Weighing just 79g they are easy to carry and easily fit into a pocket.

As authorised dealers, we sell virtually the whole Original Buff® range, which is in a multitude of unisex colours, patterns and themes so you can be sure to find a Buff that's right for you.


How to wear an Coolnet UV Buff