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20 uses for a Bandana
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Buff worn on 4k mile trek


 Colin Snook wears his
Bandanashop Buff®
throughout his
year-long trek.

Batik Bandanas

Model wears
Navy Batik Bandana

Colin Snook

 Colin Snook finishing his trek. Colin Snook wearing a Cash Red Buff ® during his 4000 miles trip around Great Britain in aid of the Charity CLIMB (Children Living with Inherited Metabolic Diseases).

As a result of the challenging year long trek, 72 year old Colin raised a very impressive £30,000 for the worthy cause.

Colin purchased two Buffs & and wore one of them continuously on his challenging trip. He said “They gave me very comfortable head cover and an “identity” both whilst on the journey and also on the daily blog to my website.”

Well done to Colin & our thanks to him for sharing his story. We are always pleased to receive customer stories & pictures via our contact page.

    Red Paisley Buff®