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Bluepark/MailChimp API User Manual


The software connects and synchronises your Bluepark Sites with one related MailChimp account containing many mailing
lists. The software  allows you to maintain a 3rd party mailing list with the acknowledge leader in this field. 

What we are trying to solve

Because orders arrive at discrete intervals the manual process of extracting email addresses and importing them into MailChimp must
be batched to make the task economically justifiable. With this delay, the opportunity to email the customer in the days post dispatch
of the product when engagement is high is limited. In addition, sending a targeted email to a customer that is relevant to their
recent purchase is also difficult because what they ordered is not easily associated with the email address.

There is also the possibility that a customer who opts-out of either a MailChimp email or on their Bluepark account might still
receive marketing email which presents a poor view of the company to the customer. Because the customer could legitimately
opt-out at Bluepark or MailChimp the other system needs to reflect this state promptly.

Now please read the manual to find a simple way of setting up and running the software step by step.

Bluepark MailChimp API Manual.


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