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Software Quotes

"This neat piece of software automatically updates Mailchimp with our new customers' details, as well as unsubscribing users automatically from Bluepark where necessary. This is saving us hours of spreadsheet work and brings a level of accuracy and automation that was previously unattainable.
Great work Rob! Thank you." 

Paul Simmonds
Managing Director
Health and Care Ltd


Bluepark Barcode - Errata

Errata and Post-Purchase information for the Bluepark Barcode product

Version Changes / Notes Date Download Trial Version* Processor / Machine
v2.05.07 First live commercial version April  4th 2016 Trial Version  
v2.6.06 Enhanced commercial version May 10th 2016 Enterprise Licenced Version x86 Bit Version (Typically Win XP and Some Win 7)
v2.6.06 Enhanced commercial version May 10th 2016 Enterprise Licenced Version x64 Bit Version (Typically Win7+ installations onwards)

* Note that all downloads require a Licence after 50 scans or 1 month evaluation period whichever is first.
A Trial Licence is only issued if you proceed via the Bluepark Checkout.  

A Licenced version will only work if you have already purchased. It will not allow any trials.

Notes/Errata on Version v2.05.07 and upwards

File Permissions for Installed Programs in the Program Files (x86) Directory
The following applies to Win8+ installations on a X64 machine...
If you install this program into your c:\Program Files (x86) directory ensure that you run the program as either an Administrator or Power User. You can do this by simply right-clicking on BlueparkBarcode.exe then click 'Run as Administrator'. Alternatively, you can add your existing user to the Administrators Users Group. If you get any write permissions (typically with a log file) in this directory this is most probably the solution. Alternatively you can install the program directly off your c:\ drive where file permissions will not be a problem.

If you are already an Administrator or Power User this does not apply.

Problems getting the initial API Connection working.

Test your API connection works with the Bluepark API Specification at https://www.bluepark.co.uk/api-specification.html


1. Enter your API Username created in the Admin User Screen e.g. 'api'.
2, Enter the API Key visible in the Admin User Screen for that username.
3. Click UPDATE button.
4. Click  the GET Button  for the first API event which retrieves company information.

if steps 1-4 all work then transfer these settings to your software. This should also now work.

Version Release v2.06 26th April 2016

1) Optional check for duplicate MPN's or Barcodes at Bluepark.   SKU's must be unique but MPNs and Barcodes can be potentially duplicated
   resulting in potential costly mistakes. When a Barcode or MPN is checked against the log records any duplicates and a sound is played.
   The barcode/MPN is unselected and highlighted as a duplicate allowing the user to determine what they want to do with it. 

2) Optional feature of Stocktake Zones which are derived from Warehouse_location field of Bluepark Product record.
   This enables part-stocktakes and associated zeroising of stock not found in a physical count to be done on a stocktake zone by 
   zone basis within a warehouse.

3) Optional addition of Title/SKU/MPN columns allowing Dispatch Note matching and reconcilliation for Goods In paperwork to be done at the
    same time as checking Goods In quantities.

4) A bug was identified which internally confused the API UserName with API Call location. This resulted in HTTP 404 errors for any API Username
    that was not 'api'. This has now been corrected and the API Username can be called anything. 

5) A new .wav file called 'duplicatesound.waConfirm Changesv' is installed which is a copy of 'defaultsound.wav'. You can change either sound to a wav file of your choice
     to isolate duplicate barcodes/MPN errors as you wish. Simply remove and substitute with a wav file of the same name. Ideally the wav file should be short
     in play duration and relatively small in size. 

Version Release v2.06.05 5th May 2016

1) In Stock-take mode the Populate Category button now only shows Categories that have  no children as it was not possible to retrieve product
     records via the API for Parent Categories. This is a constraint of the Bluepark API that was not fully appreciated.

2) Based on evidence from a large in-house stock-take the timing and recovery rate for API calls has been adjusted slightly to anticipate API consumption
     faster and manage this better.

3) A small bug on resource calculation prior to a large Stock-take is now corrected. 

Version 2.06.06 Released 10th May 2016

1) In some circumstances additional Stock-take checks were done when in update mode leading to having to decline numerous prompts.
    This has now been corrected.