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20 Bandana Uses

20 uses for a Bandana
Read our Twenty Uses for a Bandana. Know any more?

Buff worn on 4k mile trek


 Colin Snook wears his
Bandanashop Buff®
throughout his
year-long trek.

Batik Bandanas

Model wears
Navy Batik Bandana

Bandana Sizes

The standard size for an Adult bandana is a 55cm or 22" square piece of material. This can be folded several ways to make a bandana. It can also be used as a neckerchief, hankerchief and many other uses. If you are looking for a large bandana we have a range that are 68cm square. These are suitable if you have a lot of hair e.g. a 'rasta-look' or simply want a lot of flexibility in the way you wear it.  Children can usually get away with wearing an adult size by simply extra folding or tucking material around the head neatly much as one would with an adult wearing a large size bandana.

Examples of how to wear a Bandana

 Male wearing Brown Paisley Bandana.  Model wears Navy Paisley Bandana.  Model wearing Bandana as a neckerchief.

Model wears Grey Paisley Bandana.

Model with Navy Paisley Bandana.

Bandana as a neckerchief.

Sikh man wearing black bandana for religious purposes.  Female model wears turquoise paisley model.  Female model wearing headband.
Sikh man wearing for religious purposes. Matching an existing outfit. Bandana as a  headband.