Why Bandanas?

Bandanas are fun to wear! They are fashionable and cheap enough to have several in your wardrobe. They're practical, with numerous uses such as a hanky, neckerchief, sweatband , dustmask  and even a tourniquet or emergency bandage.

We sell unisex bandanas to customers looking for a funky street look or to complement their existing wardrobe.

We provide specialist advice for customers undergoing treatment for chemotherapy and/or hairloss. We recommend you start at our headwraps page.

We ship worldwide daily and we are proud of our customer support and feedback.

Celebs & Bandanas
 Enimem wearing a Bandana  Prince Harry in Botswana
 Cher Lloyd X-Factor  
 Lady Gaga  Prince Harry in the Arctic
Joan Smalls

Joan Smalls
Fashion Model

Bandanas in X-Factor

Bandanas  are consistent  accessories in the UK's
X-Factor Contest. 
Tamera wearing a Black Paisley Bandana

Cool for Chemo

Read brave Addie's story

Our three main product types - Buffs, Bandanas and Headwraps
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Ideal for Ski & Snow
ARASHI/BLACK Reversible Polar

ARASHI/BLACK Reversible Polar£26.00   £19.95


CORDES/BLUE DEPTHS Reversible Polar£26.00   £19.95


GHOMALA/GARGOYLE Reversible Polar£26.00   £19.95

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Featured Products
Teal Green Paisley

Teal Green Paisley£2.99

Broken Glass/Black Hoodie Windproof Buff

Broken Glass/Black Hoodie Windproof Buff£40.00   £34.99


BLACK LINES/BLACK Polar Buff£25.00   £18.99

Latest Products Selection
Tie-Dye Batik Green Bandana

Tie-Dye Batik Green Bandana£4.95

Twenty uses for a Bandana
 Twenty Uses for a Bandana.
Do you know any more?
Frank shows you how
to wear a Bandana
Model wears
Navy Batik Bandana
Model wears
Orange Batik Bandana